TestDaF (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache)


The TestDaF (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache), which translates to “German as a Foreign Language Test,” is a standardized language test for international students seeking admission to German universities. It’s widely recognized by all higher education institutions in Germany and plays a crucial role in assessing your proficiency in German for academic purposes.

Here’s a breakdown of the TestDaF and how to obtain the certificate:


  • Assesses your ability to understand and use German effectively in an academic environment.
  • Serves as proof of your language proficiency for university admissions in Germany.
  • May be required by some research institutions or employers seeking candidates with German language skills.

Test Format:

  • Four sections testing your:
    • Reading comprehension: Understanding written academic texts.
    • Listening comprehension: Following lectures and conversations.
    • Written expression: Composing an argumentative essay.
    • Spoken expression: Participating in a simulated discussion.

Test Delivery:

Obtaining the Certificate:

  1. Register:

    • Choose a test date and register online through the TestDaF website.
    • Pay the registration fee (currently around €195 for standard registration).
  2. Prepare:

    • Utilize official TestDaF preparation materials, practice tests, and courses offered by language institutions.
    • Focus on developing all four language skills tested in the exam.
  3. Take the Test:

    • Attend the test at your chosen center on the scheduled date.
    • Complete all four sections according to the test format and instructions.
  4. Receive Results:

    • Results are typically available within 6 weeks of your test date.
    • You will receive a TestDaF certificate with your individual scores in each section and an overall TDN (TestDaF level) ranging from 3 (limited knowledge) to 5 (excellent knowledge).

Additional Points:

  • The certificate is generally valid for two years from the test date.
  • Specific requirements for university admissions might vary, so check with your chosen program for their minimum TDN score requirement.


Remember, obtaining the TestDaF certificate requires dedication, preparation, and taking the actual test. Earning this certificate demonstrates your commitment to learning German and opens doors to academic opportunities in Germany.

TestDaf (formerly Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache) is a German language certification for non-native German speakers, specifically aimed at those who would like to study at, or work in, German universities. TestDaf is available in 95 different countries worldwide, including 170 test centres in Germany.

Participants all take the same exam and are graded levels 3 – 5, which broadly correspond to the CEFR levels B2 – C1. Achieving level 4 is sufficient to meet the entrance requirements of all universities in Germany. Some universities may even accept applicants with a lower score


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