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Buy Slovak Identity card, A Slovak identity card, also called Občiansky preukaz (citizen card) in Slovak, is the primary identification document used in the Slovak Republic. Here’s an overview to Buy Slovak Identity card from


  • Proof of identity: Serves as official documentation proving your identity within Slovakia and other countries that recognize it as a valid identification document.
  • Proof of citizenship: Demonstrates your status as a Slovak citizen.
  • Domestic purposes: Used for various activities within Slovakia, such as:
    • Accessing public services (e.g., healthcare, education)
    • Voting in elections
    • Opening bank accounts
    • Age verification for purchases or entry into specific establishments

Key features to Buy Slovak Identity card

  • Issued by the Slovak authorities through designated service centers within the country.
  • Format: ID-1 format (85.6 x 53.98 mm) polycarbonate card with a photograph, personal information, and security features.
  • Types:
    • Standard ID card: Issued to individuals aged 15 and above, valid for 10 years for individuals over 25 years old, and for shorter durations for younger age groups.
    • New biometric ID card (introduced in 2022): Features additional functionalities like facial recognition technology and an embedded chip for secure digital signing. This type is currently being rolled out gradually and is not yet mandatory for everyone.

Obtaining a Slovak Identity Card:

  • Eligibility: Open to Slovak citizens residing in Slovakia.
  • Process: Requires submitting an application form, relevant documents (proof of citizenship and residence), and paying associated fees.

Additional Information:

  • Carrying a valid identity card is mandatory for all Slovak citizens above the age of 14 and failure to do so can result in fines.
  • Slovak identity cards are valid for travel within the European Union (EU) and the Schengen Area, eliminating the need for a passport for short trips within these regions.
  • The new biometric ID card is still under implementation, and its full functionalities are being developed.

Resources for further information:

Buy Slovak Identity card, we provide legit Slovakia passport which is registered on the Slovak government database system

How do I get a Slovakia ID card?

Here’s how to get a Slovak identity card (Občiansky preukaz), from besstdoc24hrs, send us a message


  • You must be a Slovak citizen residing in Slovakia.
  • For individuals under the age of 15: The application is submitted by the legal representative (parent or guardian).

Application Process:

  1. Gather Required Documents:

    • Completed application form (available at the District Directorate of the Police Force or online)
    • Proof of identity: Birth certificate (for minors), current identity card (if applying for renewal)
    • Proof of permanent residence in Slovakia: Registration certificate
    • One recent passport-sized photograph
    • Fee payment receipt (refer to “Fees” section below)
  2. Submit application and documents:

    • Visit the District Directorate of the Police Force in your district of residence.
    • Online submission might be available in some circumstances; check the official source for updates.
  3. Processing:

    • The authorities will verify your documents and take your fingerprints (for individuals aged 15 and above).
    • Processing time typically takes 30 days for standard ID cards and 90 days for the new biometric ID card (as of February 2024).
  4. Collect your ID card:

    • You will be notified once your ID card is ready for collection.
    • Bring a valid identification document to collect your new ID card in person.

Additional Information:

  • Fees:
    • Standard ID card: €650.50
    • New biometric ID card: €732.50 for individuals aged 15 and above; free of charge for individuals under 15
  • Validity:
    • Standard ID card: 10 years for individuals over 25 years old, less for younger age groups.
    • New biometric ID card: Currently valid for 10 years, but this might change in the future.
  • Resources:
    • Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic (English)

What is the nationality of Slovakia?

The nationality of Slovakia is Slovak. A person who is a citizen of Slovakia is referred to as a Slovak (Slovenka in feminine form

What is the national ID of Slovakia?



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