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A Romanian driver’s license (Permis de conducere) is a government-issued document that allows individuals to operate certain types of motor vehicles on public roads in Romania, Buy Romania drivers license l buy fake drivers license, where you can order for your driver’s license online, get real Romania driving license


Buy Romania drivers license

A Romanian driver’s license (Permis de conducere) is a government-issued document that allows individuals to operate certain types of motor vehicles on public roads in Romania. Here’s what you need to know:


  • Pink card with the EU standard format.
  • Includes personal information like your name, photo, date of birth, and signature.
  • Contains categories indicating the types of vehicles you can drive (e.g., cars, motorcycles, trucks).


  • Similar to other EU countries, Romania uses a system of categories to classify driver’s licenses:
    • AM: Mopeds and light quadricycles.
    • A: Motorcycles.
    • B: Cars and light vans up to 3.5 tonnes.
    • C: Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.
    • D: Buses with over 8 passenger seats.
    • BE/CE/DE: Combinations of vehicles and trailers requiring additional tests.


  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You need to pass both theory and practical driving tests for the desired category.
  • Foreigners with valid EU/EEA licenses can exchange them for Romanian licenses under certain conditions.

Obtaining a Romanian Driver’s License:

  • Residents: Apply at the “Directia Regim Permise de Conducere si Inmatriculare a Vehiculelor” (DRPCIV) in your area.
  • Non-residents: Can apply through a Romanian embassy or consulate in their home country.
  • The process involves:
    • Preparing documents (ID, residency proof, medical certificate).
    • Passing theory and practical tests.
    • Paying fees.

Additional Information to Buy Romania drivers license

  • The validity period of a Romanian driver’s license depends on the category (e.g., 10 years for category B).
  • You can find more details and specific requirements on the official DRPCIV website: [[invalid URL removed]] (Romanian language)


  • Driving regulations and requirements can change over time. Always consult the official website or relevant authorities for the latest and most accurate information.
  • This summary provides general information. For specific details and guidance, seeking help from an immigration lawyer or local driving school specializing in Romania is recommended.

How much does a driver’s license cost in Romania?

The cost of obtaining a driver’s license in Romania can vary depending on several factors, including:

1. Category of license you’re applying for: Different categories have different associated costs for tests and fees. Category B (cars and light vans) is typically the most common and affordable, while categories like C (trucks) or D (buses) may involve higher costs.

2. Number of attempts needed for tests: Passing both the theory and practical tests in one attempt is the most cost-effective scenario. Each additional attempt incurs additional fees.

3. Location: Costs might differ slightly depending on the specific DRPCIV office where you apply.

4. Additional services: Optional services like express processing or driving lessons can add to the overall cost.

Here’s a breakdown of some key costs to consider:

Mandatory Costs:

  • Application fee: Around 60 RON (approximately €400)
  • Theory test fee: 28 RON (€106)
  • Practical test fee: 145 RON (€632)
  • Driver’s license issuance fee: 16 RON (€243.50)

Optional Costs:

  • Driving lessons: Prices vary depending on location and instructor, but average around 150-200 RON per hour (€393-€494).
  • Medical certificate: 50-100 RON (€291-€362).
  • Express processing fees: Can be significant and vary depending on the service.

Additional Notes:

  • These are approximate estimates and actual costs may vary.
  • It’s recommended to check the official DRPCIV website for the latest information and specific fee details: [[invalid URL removed]] (Romanian language).
  • Remember to factor in potential costs for additional attempts at tests or optional services when budgeting for your driver’s license in Romania.

How do I get a Romanian driving licence?

At besstdoc24hrs Getting a Romanian driving license involves several steps, and the specific process depends on your residency status. Here’s a general overview for both residents and non-residents:


  1. Gather documents: You’ll need your ID, proof of residency, a medical certificate, and your application form (available online or at DRPCIV offices).
  2. Take driving lessons: This is not mandatory, but highly recommended to prepare for the practical test. Choose a licensed driving school for quality instruction.
  3. Pass the theory test: This computer-based test covers traffic rules and regulations. You can find practice tests online or through driving schools.
  4. Pass the practical test: This on-road test assesses your driving skills. Practice with your instructor and ensure you’re confident in your abilities.
  5. Pay fees: Cover all the required fees for the application, tests, and license issuance.
  6. Submit your application: Submit your completed application and documents to the DRPCIV office in your area.
  7. Receive your license: Once approved, you’ll receive your Romanian driver’s license.


  1. Check eligibility: You may be able to exchange your existing EU/EEA driving license for a Romanian one, depending on the category and specific conditions.
  2. Contact a Romanian embassy or consulate: If not eligible for exchange, inquire about the application process for non-residents in your home country.
  3. Follow the application process: This might involve similar steps as residents but with specific requirements for non-residents.

Additional resources to Buy Romania drivers license

  • DRPCIV website: [[invalid URL removed]] (Romanian language) – Offers information on the application process, fees, and test schedules.
  • Romanian government website: [invalid URL removed] – Provides general information for foreigners.


  • This is a simplified overview, and specific requirements and procedures may change. Always consult the official resources for the latest information.
  • Consider seeking help from an immigration lawyer or local driving school specializing in Romania for personalized guidance, especially for non-residents.

How do I get an international driver’s license in Romania?

Getting an International Driver’s License (IDL) in Romania is a relatively straightforward process. Here’s what you need to know:

Who needs an IDL?

  • You need an IDL if you want to drive in a country that doesn’t recognize your Romanian driver’s license.
  • Check the specific requirements of the country you plan to visit, as some may accept your Romanian license directly.

Types of IDLs in Romania:

  • Romania offers two types of IDLs:
    • 1949 Model: Valid for one year in most countries.
    • 1968 Model: Valid for three years in some countries, but less widely accepted than the 1949 model.

How to apply:

  1. Gather documents:
    • Valid Romanian driver’s license.
    • Passport or ID card.
    • Two passport-sized photographs.
    • Application form (available online or at Automobil Clubul Român (ACR) offices).
  2. Pay the fee:
    • The fee varies depending on the type of IDL you choose.
    • Check the ACR website for the latest fees:
  3. Submit your application:
    • You can submit your application in person or by mail to any ACR office.
    • You can also apply online through the ACR website (Romanian language only).

Processing time:

  • Usually, the IDL is issued within a few days of submitting your application.


Which country is the easiest to get a driver’s license?

While there’s no single “easiest” country due to individual circumstances and varying regulations, some countries tend to have simpler or less stringent processes for obtaining a driver’s license. Here are a few factors to consider:


  • Age: Some countries require a higher minimum age than others (e.g., 16 vs. 18).
  • Residency: Some countries may only grant licenses to residents, while others allow visitors to exchange their existing licenses.


  • Theory test: Difficulty and format can vary (e.g., computer-based vs. written, number of questions).
  • Practical test: Stringency and required maneuvers can differ (e.g., parallel parking, highway driving).

Additional requirements:

  • Driving lessons: Mandatory hours or specific types of lessons may be required.
  • Medical examinations: Not all countries require them for driver’s licenses.

Here are some countries often cited as having “easier” licensing processes:

  • Mexico: No mandatory theory test needed for some age groups, and practical test may be less rigorous.
  • Egypt: Age requirement is 18, but the process is said to be relatively straightforward.
  • Philippines: Theory test is reportedly easier, and practical test may involve a pre-defined course.
  • Pakistan: Costs are low, and tests are considered less challenging.

Important caveats:

  • These are generalizations, and the actual difficulty can vary depending on individual skills, test centers, and interpretation of regulations.
  • Driving skills and safety should always be prioritized, regardless of the perceived ease of obtaining a license.
  • Check official government websites or driving schools in the specific country for the latest and most accurate information.

Instead of focusing solely on “easy,” consider factors like:

  • Where you plan to drive: Choose a license recognized in your intended driving locations.
  • Your learning style and skills: Opt for a process that aligns with your learning needs.
  • Cost and time commitment: Evaluate the associated fees and required hours.

Ultimately, the “best” country for obtaining your driver’s license depends on your individual circumstances and priorities. Do thorough research and prioritize safe driving practices over ease of acquisition. where to get real Romania driving license

How To Buy A Romanian Driving License Online
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