Buy legit Ireland passport


An Irish passport (pas Éireannach in Irish) is a travel document issued by the Irish government to its citizens. It serves several key purposes: At besst doc we give you the best to obtain real and fake IRELAND passport.


Buy legit Ireland passport

An Irish passport (pas Éireannach in Irish) is a travel document issued by the Irish government to its citizens. It serves several key purposes: At besst doc we give you the best to obtain real and fake IRELAND passport.


  • Proof of identity and nationality: Acts as official documentation confirming your identity and your status as an Irish citizen.
  • International travel facilitation: Grants visa-free access to many countries worldwide, based on agreements and your individual circumstances.
  • EU citizenship: Holders of Irish passports become citizens of the European Union (EU), granting them various rights and privileges within the EU, including freedom of movement and residence across member states.

Key Features:

  • Issued by the Passport Office: Applications are typically submitted online or at designated service centers.
  • Color: Dark green cover with gold lettering and the Irish coat of arms.
  • Types: Available in two main forms:
    • Passport booklet: Traditional booklet format for most international travel.
    • Passport card: Wallet-sized card valid for land and sea travel within the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland (not valid for international air travel).
  • Validity:
    • 10 years: For individuals aged 18 and above.
    • 3 years: For individuals under 18.
  • Security Features: Equipped with various anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering measures, including biometric features like facial recognition (introduced in 2010).

Obtaining an Irish Passport:

  • Eligibility: You must be an Irish citizen. This can be through birth, descent, naturalization, or marriage to an Irish citizen.
  • Application process: Involves submitting an application form, proof of citizenship, photographs, and paying associated fees.
  • Processing time: Can vary depending on individual circumstances, but typically takes 4-6 weeks for standard processing within Ireland and 6-8 weeks for applications submitted outside of Ireland. Expedited processing options are available at an additional cost.

How much does it cost to get an Irish passport?

The cost of obtaining an Irish passport depends on several factors, including:

  • Your age: Fees differ for adults and children.
  • Type of application: Applying online generally incurs a lower fee compared to applying by post.
  • Processing speed: Standard processing is cheaper than expedited processing.
  • Location of application: Applying within Ireland is typically cheaper than applying from outside Ireland.

Here’s a breakdown of current fees (as of February 26, 2024):

Fees for Online Applications (within Ireland):

  • Standard 10-year passport for adults: €1000
  • Large 66-page 10-year passport for adults: €1850
  • Standard 5-year passport for children under 18: €700
  • Large 66-page 5-year passport for children under 18: €800
  • Standard passport plus passport card bundle for adults: €1500
  • Large passport plus passport card bundle for children under 18: €750

Fees for Postal Applications (within Ireland):

  • These fees are slightly higher than online applications and include an additional administrative fee. Consult the official website for the latest information.

Fees for Applications Outside of Ireland:

  • An additional €150 postal fee applies, regardless of the application type or age of the applicant.

Additional Fees to Buy legit Ireland passport

  • Expedited processing: Fees vary depending on the service chosen (e.g., urgent or super urgent) and application location.
  • Replacement passport: A fee applies for replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged passport.

What is the quickest way to get an Irish passport?

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Can I get a Republic of Ireland passport?

Unfortunately, the term “Republic of Ireland passport” isn’t officially used and is redundant. Here’s why:

  1. Official Name: The official name of the country is simply Ireland.
  2. Single Nationality: The country has one recognized nationality, Irish citizen. There are no separate categories like “Republic of Ireland citizen” or “Northern Ireland citizen.”
  3. Single Passport: Accordingly, there’s only one Irish passport issued by the Irish government. It’s recognized internationally and grants the same rights and privileges regardless of whether the holder is from the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.

Therefore, if you’re interested in obtaining an Irish passport, you would need to apply for an Irish passport, not a “Republic of Ireland passport.” The eligibility requirements, application process, and other details remain the same, regardless of your specific location within Ireland.

How much does it cost to get a new passport in Ireland?

As of February 26, 2024, the cost of obtaining a new Irish passport in Ireland depends on several factors:

1. Age:

  • Adults (18 and above):
    • Standard 10-year passport:
    • Large 66-page 10-year passport:
    • Standard passport plus passport card bundle:
    • Large passport plus passport card bundle:
  • Children under 18:
    • Standard 5-year passport:
    • Large 66-page 5-year passport:

2. Application Method:

  • Online application: This is the preferred and cheaper option.
  • Postal application: Fees are slightly higher due to additional administrative costs.

3. Processing Speed:

  • Standard processing: Takes longer but is cheaper (4-6 weeks within Ireland).
  • Expedited processing: Offers faster processing (additional fees apply).

Important Note:

  • These are just a few examples, and several other options and fees exist for specific circumstances.

Here are reliable resources for the most up-to-date information on Irish passport fees

Remember, fees can change, so it’s crucial to consult the official Irish government website (Department of Foreign Affairs) for the latest and most accurate information specific to your situation. how to get Irish passport


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