Buy shipping container

Buy shipping container

Buy shipping container, generally, you can find a brand new 20ft dry container between the range of $1,500 to $3,500. A new 40ft dry container will cost somewhere between $2,500 to $4,500. Whereas, a new 40ft high cube (HC) container will cost you around $2,500 to $6,000.17, we have both new and use shipping containers, buy shipping container from us with 100% guarantee, Lease Or Rent. New & Used Shipping Containers Available To Buy, Lease or Rent. Container Sales & Rentals. Space Solutions Since ’83. Customized Solutions. Types: Offshore Containers, Container Conversions.

New Shipping Container’s,

Built to our own unique specification and imported from our factories in the Far East, all our new containers are built to a high quality specification, designed for secure storage:Built to a full marine specification – manufactured from corrosion resistant Corten steel.Protected with marine grade paint.Fitted with additional ventilation – to ensure condensation is not a problem.Fitted with waist high locking bars (door handles) – for ease of use.A wipe clean 28mm marine ply floor that is specially sealed and certified as being rot and vermin proof.Factory fitted lock box (high security lock box) with additional anti-jemmy lugs is fitted to the doors – this shrouds the padlock and protects the container from force entry.Available in a range of colours.

Used Shipping Containers

For use or second-hand containers we supply are guaranteed to be structurally sound, water tight and suitable for use as secure storage containers. They can also be certified as suitable for shipping. All our used containers are inspected by our own depots prior to dispatch. We guarantee the condition of our equipment and if you are dissatisfied in any way we will either refund your money, or pay for any repairs. Using containers is also an environmentally friendly solution in that they have fulfilled their primary role of carrying cargo, and can then be used again. Cost effective recycling! How much new and use shipping container cost? Storage shipping containers

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