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Buy Ireland drivers license, An Irish driver’s license is a government-issued document that authorizes you to operate specific types of motor vehicles on public roads within Ireland. It serves as proof of your identity, age, and driving qualifications. Here’s a breakdown:


Irish driver’s licenses follow a system of categories, similar to many other European countries. Each category specifies the types of vehicles you are authorized to drive:

CategoryDescriptionMinimum Age
AMMopeds (up to 45 km/h)16 years
A1Light motorcycles (up to 125cc)17 years
A2Motorcycles (up to 35 kW)18 years
AMotorcycles24 years (or 20 years with progressive access)
BCars and other light motor vehicles (up to 3,500 kg)17 years
BECars with trailers exceeding 3.500 kg18 years (requires a separate test)
CTrucks and lorries (up to 3,500 kg)18 years
C1Smaller trucks and lorries (up to 7,500 kg)18 years
C1EC1 category vehicles with trailers exceeding 750 kg18 years (requires a separate test)
CELarge trucks and lorries with trailers exceeding 750 kg18 years (requires a separate test)
DBuses24 years
DEBuses with trailers exceeding 750 kg24 years (requires a separate test)
WAgricultural or forestry vehicles17 years (requires a learner permit)

Additional Notes:

  • You can apply for a learner permit at a younger age than the minimum age for the full license, allowing you to practice driving under supervision.
  • Specific categories might require additional tests or endorsements beyond the basic practical driving test.
  • The validity of a driver’s license is typically 10 years, subject to age and medical requirements.


Remember, this information is for general guidance only. It’s crucial to consult with the relevant authorities (NDLS, RSA) for the most up-to-date and accurate details on Irish driver’s licenses and their categories. They can also provide information on the specific requirements for obtaining a license in your situation.

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